Church of Holy Savior

It was built in the 16th century by Senat's order in gratitude of "mountain Srđ not falling down" during an earthquake in 1520.

✝ Church

On the left, when one enters the Placa from the Pile gate, there is the beautiful Renaissance church of the Holy Saviour (Sveti Spas), about which it is said that the women of Dubrovnik, both plebean and patrician, carried the stones for its erection and strenghtened the mortar with milk and egg whites. It was projected by the arthitect Petar Andrijić from the island Korčula. It is considered the first Rennaisance building in Dubrovnik as other were built in the Gothic style.

In 1667. when the great earthquake struck Dubrovnik, the church was among few buildings left intact. Today, standing in it full glory, it hosts many classic concerts and recitals.

Church of Holy Savior Dubrovnik

Address & contact details

  • Street: Placa
  • City: Dubrovnik

Last updated 12.11.2020

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