Island Lopud is a highly sought-after destination among the Elaphite Islands due to its beautiful sandy beaches that visitors adore.

Although it can get busy with tourists from excursion boats it doesn't detract from the place; instead, it adds to the atmosphere. Spend your day on this side of Lopud at Lopud Bay, making the most of the sandy beaches, or take a 1.6 km walk to the other side of the island to reach Šunj Beach.

Getting to Lopud Bay beaches

You can reach Lopud Island via a comfortable ferry ride from Dubrovnik port or opt for an excursion trip. Upon arriving, you'll sail past the striking monastery perched on the headland to a charming old township.

Šunj Beach, including Blue and Green Cave Tour from Dubrovnik

For active travellers seeking adventure.

The Elaphiti Islands offer stunning sea caves, especially on Koločep Island. The tour also includes a stop at the beautiful sandy Šunj Beach on Lopud Island, a cruise past Dubrovnik's city walls and Fort Lovrijenac, and the opportunity to swim or snorkel in the caves. To keep you fuelled, the tour includes a sandwich, soft drinks, and water. You can choose between a morning or afternoon tour to fit your schedule.

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Lopud Bay panorama

What is Lopud Bay known for?

Lopud has multiple beaches stretching along Lopud Bay, with the first one located next to the island's small harbor. Despite its proximity, this sand beach is clean and popular. Surrounded by cafe bars, restaurants, pizzerias, and small shops, many visitors decide to spend their day exactly here as it doesn't require a long walk to the ferry pier.

The beach offers a volleyball court, deck chairs, parasols, and equipment for rent, such as pedal boats and kayaks. Just behind the beach is the patisseries Palma, their ice cream is a must-try!

Island Lopud

The other sand beach is in front of the remains of the Grand Hotel on Lopud. Also popular because of the hotel's park, which provides plenty of shade and spots to relax and enjoy your day. The beach is located in the middle of Lopud Bay, stretching along the hotel's beautiful park.

Restaurants and bars can be found in the vicinity, but the tradition among locals is to enjoy a picnic under one of the high palm trees. Don't be surprised if you smell roasted chicken and fresh paprika on a hot Sunday afternoon.

Lopud Bay and sand beaches

Working Hours

09:00 - 24:00


Sandy beaches, restaurants, shallow water

Address & contact details

Street: Lopud Bay
Postcode: 20222
City: Lopud

Where to stay on Island Lopud

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