When sightseeing Split, the Golden Gate is among the best attractions. The gate was later, under the Venetian influence, called "Porta Aurea", in translation - Golden gate. It has keep this name until today.

It was built in a rectangular shape with its front decorated with niches that used to feature the sculptures of four provincial rulers - of the Emperor Diocletian and his co-regent Maximilian, in the upper row of the niches, and with sculpture of an eagle a symbol of Jupiter, between the two.There were the statues of their two successors to the throne - Caesars Galerius and Constantine - in the lower row of the niches. Constructed as an integral component of Diocletian's Palace, this structure functioned as the primary gate through which the Emperor would enter the complex.

The "Porta septemtrionalis", the Northern gate that Diocletian used when he first entered the palace on June 1st, 305 AD.

Split - "Emperor's City for History Lovers"

Private Walking Tour+Cellars Museum

Guided tour of Old Town Split, including the famous Diocletian's Palace (UNESCO World Heritage Site), Peristyle and the basement cellars.

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Golden Gate in Split
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