Pizzeria Galija is located in the heart of Old Town Split, close to the famous Diocletian's Palace and other attractions in Split.

After wandering through the narrow streets you will find this popular spot to rest and enjoy some delicious food. The pizzeria is named after a galley, a ship powered by oarsmen used in maritime battles, but today it's a place of peace, relaxation, and good food, with carefully selected staff always ready to assist.

The warm and inviting interior of Pizzeria Galija is inspired by the golden glow of a wood-fired oven that has been burning since the pizzeria first opened in 1980. They use the original recipe that has delighted customers for decades.

The natural materials like wood and stone, coupled with antique details like the amphora, create a rustic charm that enhances the cosy atmosphere. The terrace overlooking the historic center of Split adds to the ambience, making it a perfect spot to enjoy the scenery while enjoying delicious pizza.

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Pizzeria Galija in Split
Photo credit: Pizzeria Galija
Source: Pizzeria Galija

Working Hours

10:00 - 23:00, Sunday closed


Delicious pizzas in a wood-fired oven

Address & contact details

Street: Tončićeva ul. 12
Postcode: 21000
City: Split

Website: Pizzeria Galija

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