Although partially overrun by buildings, Zadar's Roman forum is the most faithful image of an ancient city - not because of preserved ancient buildings (as in Pula for example) but because its undisturbed layout.

It's the largest forum in Croatia (95m by 45m), commissioned by the first Roman Emperor Augustus, as evidenced by two inscriptions in stone from the 3rd century which were placed upon completion.

It was the centre of the entire public life, the largest on the east coast. Its central, open section provided a magnificent appearance: three sides closed two-story portico with colonnades, opened to the upper part of the magnificent temple, dedicated to Jupiter, Juno and Minerva.

Today only the original pavement and stairs remain, as well as two monumental columns one of which is still on its original site. It once served as pillory (pillar of shame) evidenced by chains from that period.

Best of Zadar with St. Anastasia viewpoint

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The Roman Forum in Zadar

After a violent earthquake in the 6th century, the buildings surrounding the forum were destroyed. The still standing elements and stones (then used to rebuild) were retrieved for various buildings.

At the reconstructed part of the Capitol, at the wall that separates the elevation from the square, remains were found of an ritual sacrificial altar. On the pavement you will notice shallow, narrow and elongated recess. This is where two large altars stood. The blood of the sacrificed animals would flow into the ground through this recess.

The Roman Forum in Zadar

Getting to The Roman Forum in Zadar

Located just a short walk from the Zadar seafront (Riva) and near the St. Donatus Church, the Zadar Roman Forum is easily accessible. Since this area is a no-car zone, it's best to park outside the Old Town walls. Ravnice is a convenient parking area nearby. For those who prefer exploring Zadar on foot, simply follow Kalelarga, the city's most popular street, to reach the Forum.

A planned city - urbs quadrata

In order to make the city look truly Roman, imperial surveyors measured at least five lines along the Peninsula (another indicator of antique building characteristics) and eight across. Where the main longitudinal and transverse streets intersected was the planned location of the Forum.

This basic urban structure grid has not changed - the main longitudinal Roman street is now the Kalelagra while the transverse is the Simon Kožičić Benja street.

Today's layout

In the period of late antiquity, the foundations of Christian buildings were laid. They later developed into an episcopal complex with the basilica and annexes, and were joined by the rotunda in the Early Middle Ages, eventually destroying the complex of earlier erected buildings. In the course of history, the whole complex was reduced to rubble and the medieval square with a Renaissance cistern was built.

The Roman Forum in Zadar

With the current arrangement (since 2011.), the "Poljana pape Ivana Pavla II." (Forum) has become an active public space in the historic centre of Zadar - as an outdoor living room with the permanent exhibition it hosts various events (concerts, film festival, other commemorative events).

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On the west side of the Capitolio you may notice a plastered wall with the remains of frescoes with mythological scenes. It was the celebration point of the mystic cult of Cybele, the Great Mother. In the midst of the temple ruins and colonnades, there is a single well-preserved Roman column that served as a pillory during the Middle Ages. It was a place where offenders were chained and publicly shamed.

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