Cafe Festival

Having a cup of coffee on Stradun is an exceptional experience, and cafe Festival gives you the best of it!

As soon you enter Stradun through Pile gate you will be amazed with the view of Stradun and you will know why it is so desirable to spend some time sipping hot coffee in one of the many cafes on its sides.

Cafe Festival is the first cafe in the row and the most popular one. Featuring live piano music,  friendly staff and moderate prices this is one of the finest places in Dubrovnik to spend a few lazy hours just watching people passing by, amazed by the view you just experienced.

Right next door, Festival has a nifty souvenir shop, a place where you can buy a ticket to all events going on in Dubrovnik.

Address & contact details

Placa bb

Postcode: 20000

City: Dubrovnik


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