Grgur Ninski (Gregory of Nin) was a Croatian bishop in the Middle Ages which strongly opposed the Pope and introduced the use of national language in religious services. A popular attraction in central Split, with thousands of people stopping to rub the statue's toe each year.

It was of big importance for the Croatian culture but also keeping religion strong within the Croatian kingdom. As there were not many priests speaking Latin, church ceremonies continued to be performed on Old Croatian with usage of Glagolitic.

The famous sculptor and architect Ivan Meštrović made three sculptures of Gregory. The first one was placed in Split but after just two years moved to Varaždin. Meštrović gifted the second sculpture to Split. As visible on old postcards, Gregory of Nin was first located on the Peristyle. During WWII he was moved outside the city gates by Italian occupiers. It stands in front of the palace's Golden Gate.

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Gregory of Nin
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His bronze toe has been worn smooth and shiny due to local beliefs that touching it while passing by brings happiness and the realisation of your desires.


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Located near the famous Golden Gate

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Street: Ul. kralja Tomislava 12
Postcode: 21000
City: Split

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