Sveti Jakov or St.Jacob beach is a little bit out of reach if you are not in Dubrovnik with a car, but it's worth going there!

After a small parking place and behind a little church, you will have to take some steps to get down to the beach. Out of reach for most of tourists as it is not next to the many of the hotels.

Once you get there, you can enjoy the view on Dubrovnik Old Town, Betina cave where Rudjer Bošković experimented with optics and the blue roof of villa Scheherazade, the most exclusive villa in Dubrovnik.

Getting to Sveti Jakov beach

To go by bus to the St.Jacob's beach, take bus number 8 (city bus map here) to the last stop, then take the stairs going down, go left when you reach the lower road and keep going until you go behind the church. The parking area is conveniently situated right before the church. However, it's worth noting that parking at Sveti Jakov can be quite costly. Read about other parking options in Dubrovnik.

On your right you'll see the sign and stairs leading to the beach. Sveti Jakov beach, adorned with fine pebbles, also houses a beach bar and restaurant for your refreshment needs.

Panorama view of Sveti Jakov beach in Dubrovnik

Working Hours

09:00 - 21:00


Pebble beach, Restaurant

Address & contact details

Street: Ulica Vlaha Bukovca
Postcode: 20000
City: Dubrovnik

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